Anahata started its operation in November 2004. It was set up with a vision to be a natural retreat for mind, body and soul.

The name of Anahata comes from a Sanskrit word, which means love, compassion and harmony. In Yoga, it signifies as the heart chakra-the center of energy located in the heart region.


The resort was built using modern Balinese architecture concept. The interior looks very artistic, decorated with a beautiful flower arrangement and Balinese art works.

Anahata villas are build based on 3 story villas to make most the majestic environment in which they stand. Extensive glass windows grace each level, offering views of thickly forested hills and landscape gardens.

Each villa features a private plunge pool built of traditional stone. The master bedroom located on the third floor, complete with king-size bed, suite bathroom and lounge bed.

The villas's communal area located on the mid-level ( second floor ) - comparising a spacious living room, dining room and pantry. The ground floor houses two bedroom each with Individual bathroom.


The resort has a total of 10 villas and 5 suites room. Each villa consists of a 200 m2, 3 story building, with the following features :

- Master bedroom ( double ) located on 3rd floor

- Living & dining room and pantry located on the 2nd floor

- Two guest bedrooms ( twin ) are located on the 1st floor

- Each bedroom has a private bathroom

- Each villa has a private plunge pool and 120 m2 private garden