Training and Meeting

Join us for a wonderful week of Yoga and healing in a peaceful and serene Balinese environment. This retreat is designed for guests to de-stress and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. Feel yourself become physically stronger, increase flexibility and be nurtured by a range of complimentary spa treatments! This is your special time just for yourself to relax, yet feel invigorated and enjoy!

The focus will be to re-connect with yourself as well as connecting with Balinese culture. These retreats attract many people traveling alone which creates a nice camaraderie with others during the week. Regular practice of yoga and meditation strengthens the mind and body to create an inner harmony. Daily spiritual intention naturally takes us to a deeper place within ourselves and brings more meaning into our daily lives. But perhaps the biggest part of attending a yoga health retreat is simply changing your daily habits. By temporarily pulling yourself back from your social community, it also gives you a chance to evaluate your life and bring on positive lifestyle changes.

About the Yoga Our  yoga and meditation classes are taught by highly qualified Yoga Teachers and are taught according to the group level with health, age and lifestyle fully considered. All levels of experience are welcome and an assistant is present in each session to guide  students new to yoga and give adjustments to more experienced yogis. Some props are used to help with alignment and to gently open the body to deeper levels of relaxation. You will be gently guided through a range of Yogic practices to help you deepen your awareness and experience a deeper understanding of how to do the poses in a safe and fun environment.

Ubud is famous as the artistic and cultural heart of Bali. There are many art museums to see traditional and modern paintings. The Ubud people are warm and friendly and many are painters, dancers, musicians and carvers. The cool weather in the hill is perfect for nature walks, or visit the monkey forest or the colourful markets with their bright and typically Balinese crafted stalls.The retreat is surrounded by beautiful rice paddies in a quiet and peaceful environment yet very close to shops, fabulous restaurants, affordable day spas, galleries and temples to visit in your free time. Do as little or as much as you like!